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Michelin Wild Race'r Advanced tubeless

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By cambo - Posted on 20 July 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone tried these out in the Sydney area that can provide feedback? Mixed reviews as with every tyre so local knowledge would be appreciated

[Mod. asking for local knowledge so moved to NSW]

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I picked up a 29 x 2.1 at the rocky trail race the other week. Doesn't say tubeless on the pack but the sidewalls look and feel adequate. I'm going to try it very soon as a rear tyre on my SS. Looks like it will hook up nicely with all the odd shaped lugs, just hope the profile is not much different to the Spesh Captains I usually use.

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What about the side lugs? Are they pretty low profile or a little high? I usually ride an Ignitor on the front but looking for something less aggressive and a bit faster

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I might put it on tonight, bit conscious of doing it before the 3 ring tomorrow night but my existing tyre is bald bald bald. Side lugs are good to deflect rocks from the sidewalls, the centre looks pretty fast. I'll do a ride report Monday.

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I am doing the 3 ring as well but in the teams event. Might keep an eye out for you pre race and take a peep at the tyre if thats ok. What are you riding? I am about 6 ft 4 and ride a Trance X Advance. I will have the wife and son with me, both on Giants

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I didn't end up changing it, I'm not well so resting instead. But it will be in the car as a spare so say g'day if you see me, I'm also a tall bloke at 6'5, riding a matt black on one lurcher single speed.

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Don't forget your other team member. I wouldn't be caught dead on a Giant:)

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Forgot about him. He'll be the one on the brand new Davinchi with a Coopers Green waiting for me at transition when I finish the red loop

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I got the same tyres as you have from rockytrail as well tried it yesterday at my local track & it hooks up fine on the rear on my dually ..

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I finally got the tyre on and have done some hard k's. It was really difficult to get onto the arch ex rim compared to spesh tyres but it did go on and aired up nice and easy.

It's on the back of the single speed and I'm impressed with it, I find it better that the fast track or captain hooking up on the rear on both rocky and sandy terrain. I will consider running one of the front and see how it goes as a dry weather front.

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