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Rydal MTB Garmin Map anyone?

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By maverick - Posted on 15 September 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Heading to Bathurst this weekend to for a ride with a mate, does anyone have Garmin connect map I could use for the Rydal trails?

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If you look at the 'Ride profiles here' you'll find...

I'm sure Flynny will be along shortly to comment Eye-wink

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Theres a 3hour race at Rydal on Saturday. Check the calender of ctmbc.
I think Rego is still open. Or you can Rego on the day.

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+1 to what Rob and Barnsy have said.

Most of the major trails in the area appear in the Rides link at the top.
4 Seasons Spring 3hr on this weekend. Don't let the race tag put you off as it's just a back to basics, get out and have fun day follow the link for more info

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Cheers Gents, thanks for the info. Was also considering heading out to the trails in the forest near Orange, I noticed there is an event there on Sunday.

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You're most welcome to our club 'mini gravity enduro' race Sunday:

The Rydal 3hr on Sat will be good too.

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