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By ryanosulli - Posted on 28 August 2013

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Hey guys,
Does anyone ride the monster x trail at home bush? Work is based out there these days and looking to try get a quick spin in prior or after work

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I believe it is still in service. A couple of the guys at work rode it when I was out there but I never got around to it. Getting to work and then home again at the end of the day were always front of mind... 30km commute Sticking out tongue

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It's ok, a little rutty on the burms after the rain and theres some big jumps to session
Lots of features to muck around on, but on the whole its not too great if you arent confident with getting air on dodgy surfaces haha

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I have an all mountain rig. Would that suffice, or is it downhill territory?

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my young fella rips it up on his 24'' bike ,you don't have to do all of it, you can break it up into sections a lot of guys do & there is some nice air to be had if you are confident linking jumps

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Cheers guys, I have bike in car so prob venture over this eve or tomorrow eve. Will beat sitting waiting for traffic to die down!!
If anyone else is ridimg there today or tomorrow give me a shout

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people do it on bmx bikes, you'll be sweet

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