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Katoomba singletrack

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By Nibs - Posted on 20 October 2013

Hi, I'm new here but have been riding upper mountains for a while. I am interested in doing a regular ride early (7am) Saturday mornings on the Katoomba singletrack if anyone is interested. I am getting a bit bored of riding alone and would like to ride with others socially and to help progress skills.


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7am is an early start!!

There are usually groups of people there around 9am on Sat and Sunday most weekends who can be hooked onto.

I am usually there a few times every week but random times due to my erratic lifestyle. Still I try to be there as many evenings around 4:30pm as possible.

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Ok, maybe I will try to sleep in a bit and get there at 9am on a Saturday. If i ride after work I would usually get there a bit past 6 but like you it can be a bit erratic as things seem to always need to get done at home...

I would be keen to pick a day and make it happen on a more regular basis though.

Thanks for the reply!

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I have meant to make a regular time for a ride for the last 3 years but never manage it... my work schedule coupled with family requirements means I rarely get out in the morning!

I used to try and link up with DeBloot regularly of an arvo by just texting to go out but things even got too erratic for that.

Still when this fire stuff is over I might try and get a more regular Sat ride going.. or even a Friday dusk ride?

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Yeah mate - hopefully this Sunday at 9 - 9.30 conditions permitting

I try and get out after work occasionally, but this hasn't worked out so well lately
i can get down there around 5.30 in the arvos
Wed, thurs are good

Anyway, bit preoccupied around here atm
But see you Sunday at the trail head if ur around

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I haven't even thought of a ride. Hopefully by Sunday the fires can be a little more predictable.

If shit hits the fan the trails will be smoked, but so probably will be my house.

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I can get there at 6pm on Friday arvo for a couple of laps after work if anyone is keen, plus a Saturday morning ride if anyone has a suggested time.
Unfortunately Andy, i will be in Melbourne on Sunday so cant make that one. Maybe next time!

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