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Another Race Day

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By Bize - Posted on 14 June 2015

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WSMTB XC Series Round 4
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It was a cool and foggy morning (the view from the lookout as I drove past was amazing. . . you were above the clouds and thats all you could see). My warm up consisted mostly of sitting on my bike chatting and I can live with that. The social aspect is a key draw card for me participating in these events.

Not my best day, but it's all about getting out there. And on the funny side of things; I washed out the front, crashing right in front of the timing tent Sticking out tongue (apparently I was the third person to do this).

I'm a bit sick with a congested chest, so I'm finding it hard to breathe deeply and did a lot of coughing during the race.

I was slower than previous and I felt slow. . . so there's actually some small conciliation in the fact that I was only a couple of minutes slower than last round, because I FELT a lot slower than that.

At the end of the day I've moved up to 7th in my grade, so it was still a positive day after all.

Next round Laughing out loud

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I was right behind you most of the way until I overtook the last lap at the goat track. I felt for you coughing up a lung! How did you end up with the tyre pressures? And BTW thanks for washing out in front of me at the timing tent 'cause if I hadn't seen you I was going to be number 4!

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Yeah and I saw you a couple of times ahead of me on the last lap and that urged me to hunt you down, but I just couldn't keep the energy.

Tyre pressures: . . well I was experimenting and I guess I went a little too low for my liking. The bike felt more heavy than grippy.

Hahaha. That wash out! I wasn't even pushing. As I hit the deck I remember thinking to myself, "Really?" Needless to say I was careful passing through there on the second lap.

I'll see you at round 5 and maybe we can push each other for the entirety of the race Smiling

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Rematch next month for sure!

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Numbers have been good at the club rounds this year I think. Sunday was probably my most consistent, and very close to my fastest lap times, so far and yet my result was the worst I've had for over 2 years. The track was running pretty fast on Sunday with a bit of moisture around. It's good to read about the battles going on in the other grades - Big Steve and myself are battling every race, as long as he runs SS.

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This is my first year in the club and first year racing for that matter, so I don't know about the numbers. Does seem to be a good healthy amount of competitors though.

I'm slowly meeting more members of the club though, so that's good.

I'm looking forward to battling it out with Mark next round (it's a series position battle too, I noticed) as it makes for a more fun day and if we're pushing each other, that means we're both going faster right Smiling

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Only 4 point between us! Bugger now you've got me thinking I've got to do some training or something..

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