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Broke into the top 10

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By Bize - Posted on 05 July 2015

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WSMTB XC Series Round 5
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Last round I had some sort of chest infection and couldn't breathe properly, resulting in me coughing through the entire length of the race. Today I was feeling healthier and I needed a decent result to shake doubts, caused from the last round, out of my head (I race for fun and I don't have to win, but I do have to feel like I improved, otherwise I feel disappointed).

The start of the race was a bit of a nightmare for me. One thing I don't enjoy about being in D grade, is that you can never hear the announcements over all the Under 15s chatting away and they will split up the D Grade group at the start grid if you let them. Today I fell victim to exactly this and when we got the "go", I was literally stuck behind the Under 15s and had to bushbash around them to start and the rest of my grade was already out of sight.

Even with all that, I finished the race and it felt like and it felt like it had been a good one. When the results were posted I was pretty stoked to see a clear improvement in my overall race time and the position I finished in.

I even finally conquered the technical climb at the top of the track ("Goat Track"?) without getting off and walking it. . . now I just need to figure out how to get up the one after the bridge . . . I've only ever made it as far as the yellow grid half way up.

So a few personal victories today and that's what it's all about for me Smiling

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Hey Bize, nice improvement, and great to meet you in person today. Look forward to next month. Watch out though I'm gonna be coming after you with 4 weeks solid riding between now and then!

Did anyone at the race catch the details of what they are doing about forcing people up to their next grade? Something about 103% of something or other...

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Pretty much everyone will be unaffected by Brian's announcement. If your lap times are within 107% of the winner of the grade above, you'll be asked to move up a grade. There are only a couple of people who haven't taken the subtle hints to move up and will be asked to if their times warrant it.

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Cheers Mark.

BRING IT ON! LOL. Nah I look forward to the next race, I better get training to keep you at bay, by the sounds of it Sticking out tongue I haven't done any riding this week. . . I feel really lazy now after reading your post Sad

The social side is a major factor in why I started racing. At first I knew no one so it'd be just turn up to races and leave again, but steadily I've made the effort to start chatting to people. Makes the whole day more enjoyable.

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