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Rain Jacket

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By donkerr - Posted on 17 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I need to buy a new rain jacket. Have had a Ground Effect Stormtrooper for a good 13 years but it's now disheveled and in need of a grave. The new ones look expensive. I don't mind cost if I get good durability. Use primarily for wet commutes but also for mountain biking as well just needs to keep me dry as long as possible. Any thoughts.

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These are not cheap, but I can vouch for the quality and durability.

These are completely weather proof - rain and wind.

A few options, depending on whether you need pockets, and lightness of fabric, but they are pretty much all using the same technical fabric as the core of the product.

The fit is snug, and purposely tailored for cycling.

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I've got a dhb Flashlight xt. It's pretty good quality and waterproof but it's a little too warm for all but the coldest Sydney mornings.

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I've got 2 gortex rain jacket shells, a Kathmandu one and a cycling specific hi-vis Santini. Unless it's pouring I don't bother with either as I still get soaked with sweat anyway.

I now prefer just using a cheap thin vest to keep the wind off my chest and a thicker windstopper vest in winter. Apart from that, I just embrace the rain and enjoy it.

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A lot of people will just go a Merino shirt instead of a jacket, you're gonna end up wet from rain or sweat but the wool stops the chill.

I have a Macpac Prophet XPD and it's a heap of shit, if you do go a flash jacket you have to wash it frequently and 100% as per instructions or the jacket will turn in to a very expensive plastic bag.

GoreTex is pretty rubbish until you get to the Pro range and still it can be made to work poorly if the face fabric is rubbish, it's difficult to get a great jacket as most are just fashion items now.

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Giordana gear is the bomb!

Expensive but the ducks nuts in my opinion. For rain & wind I have a couple of their light weight jackets that feel like your wearing a normal lycra jersey. You get too hot in them once it gets above about 15 deg but after that you just let yourself get wet and ride harder and you'll be warm

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triple post...

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double post

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Castelli Gabba convertible jacket. You can zip the arms off for warmer days but still keep your core dry. Simply the best piece of kit I own.

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