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Woodford to Glenbrook Challenge Video

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By RaceLeader - Posted on 01 July 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Check this out when you get a chance...

A 8 minute clip on the NRMA CareFlight Woodford to Glenbrook Challenge on last weekend.


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Are my eyes decieving me or was that someone riding a unicycle, about 1.30 mins in.

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yes there was a uniclyle, and a gorilla (1:07 - 1:13) that had been successfully trained to ride a MTB.

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Unicycles cross the line and the gorilla was handing out bananas all the way, I also have seen a photo of this gorilla dressed up as a human wearing a ridiculous hat:

Camp fire Banter III

It's the one on the left.

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There were actually about 3 people riding unicycles.

You do see some amazing things at these events.

Another contender for play-of-the-day I think (together with Lounge Lizard and his boy and also the gorilla).


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That's a nice video. A slightly different trail (at the end) to what was done in 2007. Well done to all that participated.

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