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Mt. York Adventure

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 16 April 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 23 May, 2009 - 10:00
27 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Mount York
Meeting Point: 

Mt. York road, Mt. Victoria, at the track head of Lockyers Trail

Mt. York rd, Mt Victoria NSW


The trails in this area have a bit of everything and impress all that ride them, there's plenty of fast downhills and wonderful single track with techy bits to keep you on your toes. It's not considered hard but you will need good braking control, I wouldn't recommend this for beginners.

This is an overnight social trip with plenty of awesome riding as well, I've discussed a deal with and we can get discounted rates at $50 per head. Check this link for more details this is a beautiful classic Hotel with very helpful management and staff, we also have the option of a buffet meal put on for us at $20-$25 per head.

The ride on the 1st day could be down Lockyers trail then up Lawsons long alley then down Coxs road and up Lockyers trail. Don't be fooled by the name Coxs road it's a blast and a 5" bike would be ideal here.

I haven't decided on the riding for the second day but there is many options including Berghoffers, Lidsdale XC tracks or from Megalong valley up the six foot track to the Coxs river and back.

Due to the date change if you are now unable to attend, please click the exit button to free up your place.

Who's in?
pikey, craigs, christine, GAZZA, lorrie, Andy Bloot, GeordieAndy, Carlgroover, mtbasn.alex, LadyToast, Supagav, Checkmate, jdb, dangersean, kiwigirl, JOE, Steve C, johnbaddeley (18 riders)
pikey craigs christine GAZZA lorrie Andy Bloot GeordieAndy Carlgroover mtbasn.alex LadyToast Supagav Checkmate jdb dangersean kiwigirl JOE Steve C johnbaddeley
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Alysum's picture

I'm very keen to ride at new trails up there but not clicking the star until I know my knee will be better, hopefully it will be by then! Smiling


dangersean's picture

Blondie has told me she will click the star to attend later today.

Also asked that I mention StuartM would like to attend but is also unable to click the star...

Me? i cant wait for this weekend!

Flynny's picture

If my ankle is ok I'd love to join you.

Carlgroover's picture

then Flynny we'd love to have you there. What happened to your ankle?

Flynny's picture

rolled it on the weekend being silly on my dh bike.

lorrie's picture

I assume that we should book places at the hotel and the buffet?


Carlgroover's picture

Still working out the deal, it may improve with 20 riders also are there any non riders/partners attending?
It would also help if you could tell me how many of you will be sharing a bed to sort out the rooms required.
Thanks John.

Alysum's picture

Just found out I'm sailing that Saturday so cannot make it Sad enjoy it!


Paul's picture

I just booked my wife a weekend in a health spa for the 23rd and 24th of May, so I will have no problem with brownie points.

Carlgroover's picture

Hi all, it's been pointed out to me that I may have understated the technical nature of Coxs road. It's difficult to describe as what is hard for one person is a snack for the next. If you can ride nearly all of the Dam you'll be fine. If you walk a lot at the Dam you'll walk all of Coxs road.
Any questions fire away or PM me.
Thanks John.

Andy Bloot's picture

First time online since Thursday night since moving
And I see this ride and that it is also full
I so want to do this ride, particularly now it's on my doorstep

If anyone pulls out, can I please have the spot.
i'm asking as I won't be online much for a few more days yet as I'm on pre-paid wireless (expensive)
until my ADSL1 is activated next week

Bloody cold up here

Carlgroover's picture

Alarmingly we have been beaten by a bunch of train enthusiasts to book the Imperial Hotel Sad we could try and squeeze in with them but quite frankly I'd rather not.

I've considered the week after but there's the WSMTB club round on and I'd rather leave it more than a week for the Hotel to air just in case there's some incontinence issues with the train boffins.

So I've gone with the week before, we will meet on the 23/5/09 and stay at the Imperial Hotel that night.

Sorry for the date change and I know some may not be able to make it on the new date but when I started organising this the hotel only had a few bookings and now they are being heavily booked due to "The Great Train Weekend" at Mt. Victoria which I've never heard of.

I've just been on the phone with the Manager and the 23rd is free of bookings and we are discussing details tomorrow morning, I'll let you know the outcome soon after.

Cheers Smiling

Paul's picture

Andy, you can have my spot - I can't make the 23rd.

Alysum's picture

Bummer I should have kept the star with the date change! I can do the 23rd so if anyone else pulls out please let me know Smiling


Carlgroover's picture

Can now be made and the prices for Heritage ensuite rooms are $50 per head for the 1st 2 in the room then $30 per head for extras
Family rooms have a Queen bed and bunk and a single and are $100 for 2 people plus $30 per extra
Premier with shared bathroom have a King bed and a single or 3 singles, price $100 for 2 plus $30 for extras
Traditional room double bed $100 for 2
Budget room $79 per room and has a double and a bunk.
Mention NoBMob to get the special prices.
Ph 02 4787 1878
I've booked already.
Breakfast is an option at $15 per head and Buffet meal for Saturday night is $22.50 per head if we get 20 takers
Cheers Smiling

GeordieAndy's picture

a traditional room with twin beds?


bluray's picture

looks like you get to do this ride after all. I can't make it on this weekend.

christine's picture

if Steve says he will share with you... beware! he SNORES!!!! Smiling

Andy Bloot's picture

This mountains weather has hardened me up already
I'm going to sleep outside in my cossies

Just pretend my name is there
I'll be up that way and may ride with you if it doesn't upset anyone
And if there's less than 20 people

christine's picture

..just come with us and stop being such a GIRL

Groover - whats the deal with dinner and breakfast then? I, naturally, being a total fooodie am up for both... especially with such great company as you lot!! lol!

mtbasn.alex's picture

has anybody got any room left for sharing?
{ check out my website @ }

dangersean's picture

for me also... food glorious food...

I really like food...

Nic's picture

Please free up a spot, someone...



Carlgroover's picture

I think the best option would be if we all had the buffet and breakfast, we do have to give the Hotel notice if we are going to have the buffet and I believe we should also let them know our intentions about breakfast.

Could we use a poll to get the numbers on this Rob? Such as

Breakfast only
Buffet only
Breakfast & buffet
The prices are $22.50 for the buffet
and $15 for breakfast.
John Smiling

GeordieAndy's picture

Not sure where this was left but to confirm I am happy to go for the food options i.e. buffet and breakfast.



Carlgroover's picture

Ok, now is the time to let me know if you are in for the buffet on Saturday night as we need all 20 people to get it for the price of $22.50. Also I think we should inform them how many people will be having breakfast on Sunday morning ($15 each) to help them in ordering.

So would you all PM me and let me know if you're booked, having breakfast and/or up for the buffet as I'm letting them know on Tuesday.

Thanks John Smiling

pikey's picture

I'm up for all the inclussions you need me to say yes to.

NOW. I, as the typical unorganised s%#t I can be have not even booked a bed so does anybody have a room for rent or a sleeping bag they want to share?

Pikey Sticking out tongue

The unorganised are Evil but must be accomadated Sticking out tongue

Supagav's picture

sorry Pikey our sleeping bag is not big enough for 3 of us Eye-wink

Carlgroover's picture

May want to share a room.

Andy Bloot's picture

I can share a room with you, Pikey
I guess we better book soon
or we will be sleeping out in the cold

LadyToast's picture

Hi John

Sorry for being so slow on this. I'm in for the buffet, hope I'm not too late for that.
Also if anyone has space in a room let me know as well.

I'll be there for the Sat and leaving early Sunday morning so no excessive drinking games the night before ok?

Carlgroover's picture

They have rooms with 3 - 4 single beds so Andy, Alex and Dylan you could share one room.

mtbasn.alex's picture

Andy, Dylan ?

Want to get a room..

{ check out my website @ }

LadyToast's picture

Sounds good Alex, do you want to arrange and I can bring the cash on the day?

John, do we need to do anything to get in on that nosh action?

Carlgroover's picture

No need to do anything other than to let me know if you having the buffet or not, and 17 of you have said yes so I'm waiting on a few but we will get the 20 needed. You just pay for the rooms, buffet and breakfast when we are there. If they want a deposit for the buffet I'll cover that.
So it's all good and I can't wait Smiling

mtbasn.alex's picture

John is there a room just for two or what is the cheepest sorry if you have been asked this a hundred times...
{ check out my website @ }

Carlgroover's picture

$79 for 1-4 people. Or if you're really broke the back of my Commodore wagon is good for 1.

Hans's picture


- thx for organising!

Yes to the Buffet!

Anyone wants to go halves on a twin bed room?

(I'm a UCI-certified non-snorer). Eye-wink

Cheers, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

pikey's picture

....i responded the other day....I'm bunking with Tien sorry Andy.

Bloody red wine!!!

John, buffet for me sounds good thanks

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

jdb's picture

I'll share a room.


craigs's picture

Have all the accommodations been worked out? I see a few posts indicating maybe not?
I have yet to lock in a room and am interested in knowing whether there are others needing to lock in a spot or if we are all cramming in Groovers wagon outside?

LadyToast's picture

I think so, Alex, am I bunking in your room?

Checkmate's picture

i kept my eye on this ride for some time, thinking what a shame I did not sign in on time. Sounds like a lot of fun!
I looked it up now, and there were only 19 riders?? I was cheeky enough to click the star. Would really love to get in, if everyone is OK with it.
I'm absolutely easy, would take any bed that's left, anyone? Please? Otherwise no drama, I can sleep in the car.
Would love to sign also for buffet, breakfast, and anything else tempting. Hope to see you all there .... Tony .

craigs's picture

"I'm absolutely easy"

You'll fit in nicely with this crowd Smiling

Checkmate's picture

Craig, I hope you talk on behalf of most of the crew. No, really, can't see a reason for voting me out. Thanks bunch, can't wait to hit some boulders on Cox Rd!

Andy Bloot's picture

Just spoke to Rachel from the Imperial hotel (she returned a call I made earlier in the week)
it seems that a few people may not have a room as yet
She was a little unsure as to who were Nobmob people (she asked me what a nobmob was)
List is:

Lai - Lorrie and me
Harwood x 2
Evans x 3
Cauley (?) x 2
Linstead x 2

There's a Roberts x 2 but she thinks they may not be with us - poor bastards
I have enlightened her as to what a nobmob is and how they behave when away from their natural surroundings
I think she is making plans to go away for that weekend herself

Anyway, the phone number is 4787 1878
She said it would be best to book ASAP to avoid sleeping in a car
it's bloody freezing up here at the moment

GeordieAndy's picture

and Grifter! Although probably still 2 poor bastards Smiling

LadyToast's picture

Just booked into room 6, that's me sorted.

Carlgroover's picture

Happy to have you along it should be a great weekend, so book quickly as this hotel does commonly get booked out.

I'm surprised that it seems many of the people who have clicked the star still haven't booked, no wonder they sounded surprised when I told them we have enough people for the buffet.


Carlgroover's picture

Could anyone who has booked and is not on this thread as booked please post here and if you haven't yet booked HURRY UP!
Or suffer the wrath of Groover Sad

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