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2010 Woodford to Glenbrook Classic

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By Noel - Posted on 22 April 2010

Sunday, 27 June, 2010 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenboork station. Refer to race pack to calculate time to catch train up to Woodfood (bikes go on bike trailers).


Entries for the 2010 Woodford to Glenbrook Classic are now open.

Please go to the 2010 Woodford to Glenbrook Sign Up Page on the CareFlight website for the details of this exciting event! Entries are only available on-line so register now, and don't forget to tell your friends!

Feel free to contact me via email or alternatively on any of the below details.

Best Regards

John Ebbott
Community Engagement Coordinator
NRMA CareFlight
4 Barden St
Northmead NSW 2153

T:(02) 9843 5100
F:(02) 9635 0144

My Video From Last Year:

Who's in?
Andy Bloot, Michael B, Noel, Isildur, linco, BT, trailburner, Glen, Christoffa, shortcut72, stu, Chuck, Ed, moggio, hathill, BM Epic, Kingy, J the B, bushpilot (19 riders)
Andy Bloot Michael B Noel Isildur linco BT trailburner Glen Christoffa shortcut72 stu Chuck Ed moggio hathill BM Epic Kingy J the B bushpilot
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
BT A cold start!! Finished 00:54:41 110 22
ChopStiR 2010 Woody 2 G'brook classic Finished 01:12:10 431 48
ChopStiR First ever race Finished 01:12:10 431 48
linco A bit slower than last year 00:49:00 33 5
Ed W2G 2010 00:55:44 121 37

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery
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entries are limited this year so get in early

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I entered two weeks ago (8th), so you really should get in quick then!

While you're at it, sponsor me! Smiling

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Barely enough to break a sweat. should run it.

BT's picture

You can. They have a walk/run category also.

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If you're not cracking a sweat your not pedalling fast enough..

40min winning time last year.

My usual plan is to race down (48min last year....) Phaff about catching up with people. ride up ad do the single trail then ride back up to Woodford.

unfortunately I'm out this year

BM Epic's picture

Must ride, cant wait, missus is working and riding, daughter will probably smash me!..must try and beat 58 sluggish minutes!

BT's picture

And only 50 cycling places available as of yesterday....

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Was going to ride it with my 8yr old, but I don't think that is going to happen.

So have to decide between SS and geared. SS is fantastic for the first bit but the long descent after the gate is horrible as you just spin out and get overtaken by absolutely everyone. Probably decide on the morning.

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Lungs are going to hurt! Bloody head cold has gone to the chest.

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Some impact on G->W trains for those competing:

"Saturday 26 June 2.00am to Monday 28 June 2.00am
Buses replace trains between Penrith and Central. Buses do not operate to the train timetable.
Trains continue to operate between Lithgow/Mount Victoria and Penrith. Trains from Penrith to Mount Victoria/Lithgow operate to an amended timetable, departing 30 minutes later than normal.
Buses also replace Western Line trains between St Marys and Granville with a suburban shuttle train service operating between Penrith and St Marys.
Please allow up to 60 minutes additional journey time.
CountryLink: Customers travelling to Lithgow to connect with CountryLink coaches are advised to phone 132 232 for confirmation of departure times."

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Race starts 9:00 am. Group E start 9:12 am
They want us to register 1/2 hour before start. i.e. before 8:30 and they want us to park at Glenbrook and train it to Woodford.
Looking at the rail schedule if you caught the 8:23am from Glenbrook then you get there too late at 8:53 am to get from the station to the marshal area, line up, register, grab your bike, and then get to the line.

That means catching the train at 6:53 am from Glenbrook and getting to Woodford at 7:23am and standing around shivering till 9:00 am! That means leaving Thornleigh at about 6am. That means getting up at about 5:30am. Lot of stuffing around for a 1 hour event.

09.12am Cyclists – 40-49 E
09.25am Cyclists – 50-59 F

The start times (with 1/2 early requirement) does not line up with the Rail Time Table. I think I'll be leaving with the 50+ year olds so I don't have to hang around freezing my nuts off all morning in cycling gear, and won't have to get up so early. Will be nicer getting up at 7:15am than 5:30am.

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I seem to remember getting there about an hour early last year too.

What about parking at Glenbrook and then riding to the start line? How far is that and how long would it take? Could be a good warm up before the race.

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50 minutes med intensity for the road miles between Glenbrook and the start line, no thanks I am savin my energy for the race.

BT's picture

Yeah, that doesn't sound good. Looks like an early start then. I'll probably take a warm jacket and use their 'plastic bag service'.

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Guys, I've got space for one more rider and bike in the car for tomorrow. I'm coming down from Blackheath and will be dropped off at Woodford by the missus at 8:00am. She's going to pick me up at the finish sometime after the race and we're driving back up to Blackheath.

So if you would like a lift down the hill and back, give me a call. First in, best dressed. See you all there!


0414 215 370

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Had a great time riding today. My first Classic and slowest time on the Oaks in 12 months, so I did well. Bloody flu.

Still rode out home on the single track though. Smiling

Was also good to catch up with a few riders.

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What a race what a leg burning lung busting effort by all the BMORCérs, loved the pace the atmosphere at the end and meeting all the locals who we signed up for the site.
Loved the first road section the first corner was a doozy from all accounts of my passing it was spectacular, lol I just remember hanging on for grim death sliding on bitumen in a 2 wheel drift with the clatter of rapid gear changes from the marauding hordes hot on my heels, gotta love racing!

bushpilot's picture

Great to see the masses of BMORC'rs out to support a high profile local event, I hope we all had fun even if we didn't get the time we wanted.

hathill's picture

Had a top time today - I like the track when it gets a bit rougher, especially passing someone on the outside of "Crash" corner.
Finally got to meet Moggio.
Great work everyone on the stikkas!
Did anyone hear how the guys that went down are?
Did you chuck a stick into their spokes on the way past Andy??

Andy Bloot's picture

Kingy was off up that first hill like a rat up a drainpipe
I was out of breath from about the third pedal stroke
And it didn't improve until the finish line
Great to see everybody out enjoying a fun day supporting Careflight

Full points to Todd for the stickers - we need to work out the finances for that

And extra points to Kingy, Big Chuck and Moggio for their BMORC recruitment drive at Euroka

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So what were some of your times people?
I would have liked to make it just to promote bmorc but was booked in for other things first.
See a lot of you on Tues.

Flynny's picture

Was a bit disappointed I missed it. Was hoping for a quick time this year...

Always a good day out

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Don't forget if you add a blog about this ride meeting then, as it's a race, there's a place to put in your time. A table will build on this thread (at the top) for all to compare Smiling

Don't worry - you don't actually have to say much in the blog if you're shy Eye-wink

hathill's picture

Gun Time or Net time?

Christoffa's picture

Hi Guys, not sure how many of you saw the stack at dead mans or the result, basically Big Al and another guy were going for it when there was a blow out, Al ended up riding into and over him and well . . . Busted Collar in 3 places and broken rib, and one very sick Santa Cruz Super lite. Al still in hospital but should be out Monday.

BIG BIG Thanx to the support crews who took excellent care of him and kept the rest of the G4'ce team updated.

Apart from that a great day.


Kingy's picture

Not the screaming Gecko Al? Sorry to hear of Big Als misfortune hope u heal quick and strong

BM Epic's picture

Nah Al wasn't there, dont know who that is???

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