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First ever race

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 16 July 2010

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2010 Woodford to Glenbrook Classic
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Great work ChopStiR. When I saw you after the race, you and Grant looked like you both had fun and you were still keen to ride out and then find that track back down Lapstone Hill.

See you on a ride somewhere!

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After riding out with you chuck via the single track and Rock Garden. Grant and I rode the rest of the way home. We cut through Railway Reserve (Next to Dark Commons Reserve) then rode down the path next to the freeway and took the single track along side and under and popped out at the football fields in Emu Plains. Then took some back streets to the river then followed the river along the river walk and then crossed into penrith, I departed from Grant at Penrith Station and rode the rest of the way home to Kingswood. Worked out to be about a 45km ride in total from Woodford to Kingswood. Longest Ride We have done to date. I kept my race number on my bike for whole ride home.

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