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Glenbrook/Knapsack Ride Day 16th May

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By BM Epic - Posted on 02 May 2010

Ride day for everybody at Glenbrook/Knapsack, it will be casual pace with some pretty tricky technical riding.
The ride should take about 3 hours but will only cover about 15kms. We will also go behind the raaf base, up the old tunnel, into the tramways downhill area, across to Darkes Common, and wind it up in the National Park!
So, who's up for it?

Who's In: BM Epic,Mell,Hec,Andy Bloot, isildur,chopstir,Vinno,

Maybes:Nerf Herder,

[Mod: No need to update this thread - there is a built in in/out system in the calendar - see 'click the star' comment below]

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I,m in.

Must get used to my big bubba Bullit!

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Just let me know the time and meeting spot

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You know how it works Mr Bloot Eye-wink

P.S. For those that don't, I mean visit the calendar entry ( and click the star (you have to be logged in) to join the list of faces signed up.

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it's all so confusing
i'm not even sure of my name
but it is a Monday

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I'm in! See you there!

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looking forward to it

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I think the stars will align ... apologies I'm a maybs

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Looking forward to it see you all there.

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Sorry ... broke another knuckle ... finger ... this time on the moto ... friggin, punters jumping out at the lights ... bah ... no damage to the bike and no insurance claim ... even though I was pinballed into another car (driver of which was very helpful)

I'll get to one of these BMORC rides one day.

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Unfortunately I've been relegated to family duty this weekend, so won't be able to make it out on Sunday. I'll have to head out some other time to learn all the little bits of Knapsack...

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How did the young guy pull up? Broken arm and head?

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