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Lake Parramatta

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By CROMERBOY - Posted on 05 October 2010

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Saturday, 9 October, 2010 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Lake Parramatta Reserve
Meeting Point: 

Main reserve carpark. Illawong Drive, North Parramatta.

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Who's in?
naz, CROMERBOY, Dicko, cambo, craked, Nada (6 riders)
naz CROMERBOY Dicko cambo craked Nada
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CROMERBOY Blood, sweat and banana bread Great riding, nice to meet some new faces. I think we all left a bit of claret on course today - thanks Naz for playing guide-I hope you heal up quickly. Great little ride with some techy bits to keep you on your toes, but the deal sealer is the...

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where is the best spot to park at tha carpark near the shop ? or down near the end of McRoberts rd.

CROMERBOY's picture

not sure - Naz knows this one - but I reckon carpark near shops sounds best for fuel after ride.

naz's picture

The best spot for meeting is at the main reserve carpark Illawong drive as shown on map, there's a cafe (open early morning), toilets and plenty of free parking spaces, usually doesn't get full till mid morning. Hey, you guys are gonna like it there, i hope so anyway.

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have fun guys , hope you have a good guide so you get to see the whole place

craked's picture

thanks Naz I'm sure we are gunna like this ,I used to ride my pushie down here in about 1973 we would go to a rope swing around the back of the lake and spend hours swimming, not sure I would swim here now!(even then it was pretty polluted)

CROMERBOY's picture

Are you bringing the young fella Naz?

naz's picture

naah! don't think so this time steve, haven't asked him yet though but already know the answer cause he's sleeping over (or not sleep at all knowing him) at his friend's on friday night, doubt it he'll be keen on 30k ride next morning and at lake parramatta.

looking forward to a cup of flat white and a toasted banana bread with the lot after ride.

CROMERBOY's picture

Coffee and banana bread - now your talking. My wife is not going to believe I have actually been out riding with all this eating - especially after all those prawns on Sunday night I'm going to be 10kg heavier when she gets back!

ChopStiR's picture

Im hoping someone has a Garmin and is able to upload kml data into the database.

CROMERBOY's picture

No prob, got it covered

Dicko's picture

Thought I would tag along on this one guys - and catch up with some of the Kiwarrak crew.

Haven't been here before so will be good to see some different trails.

See you tomorrow.


Nada's picture

HI Guys,My name is Nada and I haven't come along on any of the rides but have been really keen to get into mountainbiking in Sydney.(used to do quite a bit of it interstate a couple of years back). Was thinking of joining your Lake Parramatta Ride if thats cool?

craked's picture

no worrys Nada, great to have you join us see you there

CROMERBOY's picture

you are more than welcome, just click the star so we know you are definately coming.

cambo's picture

Hi guys, not sure if I can stay for the full 3 hours and join you for coffee and banana bread (even though that's the best part) as her indoors needs to work in the afternoon. Will it be OK to jump out early if required?

CROMERBOY's picture

No drama at all

brakeburner's picture

sorry guys, i've got to work, next time at this venue for sure!

Shoryuken's picture

Sry, cant make it anymore

Dicko's picture


You were asking the other day what the trails at Rotorua NZ were like. Here is a clip of the best trails there - so much fun !


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