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Correcting misconception and false truth

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 01 May 2011

  • BMORC supported the council paper that went to council 16/03/2010 which recommended the closure and rehabilitation of Nichols Parade downhill trail. This is in the council records.
  • BMORC supported the formalisation of Old Bathurst Road trails to a sustainable internationally recognised standard
  • It is not illegal to ride on a track located on council land unless sign posted otherwise by council.
  • Old Bathurst Road trails weren't illegal until closed by the council decision 16/03/2010
  • Rotorburn is not a club, it is a MTB related news site and forum for bike riders to meet and talk.
  • BMORC is not a club and has no leader, every participant has a voice and contributes were they can.
  • BMORC is very thankful to council for the opportunity that has been given to us.
  • BMORC has followed the due process, BMORC has not ignored the environment and a environmental report (ie REF) was always going to take place, BMORC is only upset with the delays.
  • Knapsack was selected by Council and BMORC as one downhill trail is permitted under its existing plan of management.
  • The existing trail at Knapsack is an erosion, environmental and unsafe nightmare. BMORC wishes to rehabilitate this trail back to natural bush land and provide a safe and environmentally sustainable alternative.
  • BMORC has yet to build a single trail.
  • BMORC has assisted council in the closure and rehabilitation of illegal trail building.
  • BMORC claims to have the skills to abide by the sustainable internationally recognised standard
  • Ten(10) BMORC members attended the IMBA Australia "Mountain Bike Track Design Criteria and Erosion and Sediment Control" Workshop on Sat 14 August 2010 sponsored by NPWS.
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Thankyou for this post, finally the truth is out there, the diatribe I have read recently by an individual proporting to be a friend of the escarpment had me even starting to doubt our cause.
Seeing all the false hoods addressed in a concise point by point form serves wonderfully to illustrate just how little respect our naracistic crusader has for the intelligence of the residents of the Blue Mountains.
When the individual responsible for attempting to brainwash the good citizens of the mountains by spinning the facts to suit themselves reads this and hopefully realises what a grave error of judgement they have made underestimating peoples intelligence I only hope that they have the fortitude to show up for the track restoration day next Saturday the 7th of March At 9 am at Old Bathurst Rd and Bowaga St East Blaxland to help us rehabilitate the escarpment that they are waxing lyrical about caring for so much.
My money is on the riders showing up again to do the hard yards while the holier than thou continue to cast sticks and stones, what a pity we wont seem them backing up their beliefs with a bit of elbow grease.
If I sound peved it is because I should not have to be closing trails down everytime some new kid decides he can't wait and goes into the bush on his bike to have fun, while we have no where to ride.
Enough said!

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The good thing about our group is it is made up of free thinking individuals, no one is the leader we all have a say, isn't It funny that despite all our different professions and backgrounds that we all agree that providing somewhere for riders to ride will prevent illegal trail building.
Wow this really isn't rocket science is it!

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An excellent post.

A simple statement of the facts, not opinion or spin, that is easily confirmed by contacting the relevant organisation (BMCC, NPWS etc).

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Great post Tim. It's good to see all the FACTS laid out.

Let's not forget that 25+ riders, many local and some from the Sydney metro area who spent a full day working with BMCC staff in October 2009 to stabilise the Old Bathurst Road main track prior to any formal complaints from residents. The stabilisation work and any planned future repair work at Old Bathurst Road tracks was about local trail access for locals and their visiting riding buddies and NOTHING more.

I can still remember standing on the side of the main track with BMCC staff and contractors while a few riders tested the new stabilisation work to ensure it was safe ride. There was nothing ILLEGAL about riding at Old Bathurst Road in October 2009.

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With you on that comment Chuck. In half a day we fixed a great length of OBR track and it was in great condition, and even with all the rain soon after it withstood all the test. Nothing illegal about then, just better build. Would love to see how it has held up since, or if the repairs were taken out?

I do remember working my backside off that day as did all the others, with lots of good ideas and well executed adjustments to made it all sustainable.

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After posting this I dug out the old article by Andy Kerr and thought I'd share this pearl of wisdom Taken from the "Which way" article first published in Wild Earth in 2003

Who are these mountain bikers?

A national study concludes:

Mountain bike leaders are overwhelmingly biocentric
in their thinking, believing that nature has intrinsic
value exclusive of what it does for humans, that humans
do not have the moral license to infringe on this right,
and that many of our environmental problems are rooted
in our societal tendency to dominate, control and
exploit nature.

Mountain bikers are essentially the same as many other
wilderness advocates.
They love Nature; they hate exploitation
of the land. They grieve when they see clearcuts like
other wilderness advocates. They simply prefer a somewhat
quicker trip into and out of wilderness areas than do wilderness

Facing the real enemies

Conservationists face enough real enemies when working to
preserve and protect wilderness: loggers, road-builders, miners,
grazing permittees, and off-road vehicle users are the primary
destroyers of wildlands, not mountain bikers.

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Its important to note that BMORC is not just about Downhill ... in fact most of our members are cross country and trail riders.

However, we came together, because we all recognised that this wonderful recreational activity we enjoy and the access that we had previously taken for granted could be taken away seemingly at random.

As a Downhiller I thank all my Cross Country and Trail riding friends for joining me and actively highlighting all the solutions that we have found to address the major issues raised by those against MTB access.

As a Trail Rider, I look forward to seeing all my downhilling and cross country mates (both current and future riding buddies) getting in and working on both the Cross Country trail network and hopefully working on the more sustainably aligned Downhill trail.

Together we can achieve a lot, learn new skills, make new friends and share our learnings with others. Separately, we stand to lose access and our ability to make a difference and enjoy both our sport and the Bush the way we want to.

Lots to Lose ... More to Gain, if we all get involved and help each other.

Council meeting is coming up soon ... time to get involved.

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I was hoping we could all cop a feed before the meeting it will mean people working in Sydney will have to ask their bosses to get off early what do you reckon peeps?

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