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Trail Maintenance Day - 3 Volunteers needed 4 Jun 2011

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 25 May 2011



Firstly, apologies for the lack of information that we have been sharing with Blue Mountains Riders of late. We understand not everybody has time to browse the website, however, this is always the best source of up to date information.

Apologies for the extreme short notice, however BMORC and NPWS/DECCW have banded together to organise our first joint trail care program in the Blue Mountains, focusing on the single track at the Glenbrook end of the Oaks.

Our initial focus will be on re-vegetation work with the pruning back of over growth impacting trail visibility. Their may also be some scope for drainage works so as to allow water to disperse more readily (TBC).

BMORC reps have been working on this joint event for several weeks, however, some of our volunteers have unfortunately been forced to drop out due to family and work commitments. We are looking for 3 volunteers to assist both Rangers and BMORC reps this Saturday 4th Jun 2011 @ 9am. Meeting at the Glenbrook park gates.

Personal Protective Equipment is a must with sunscreen, hats, gloves and enclosed footwear required.

If you have tools such as a hedger, loper and secateurs please bring these along. We will have a few spare tools if needed. Note: Please thoroughly wash your tools and remove all traces of plant matter and soils. Treating them in a solution of Metho + water in a 70:30 mix is also recommended so as to minimise the risk of spreading plant and soil borne diseases and or introducing weeds.

If you have not attended a volunteer trail day before, this is an opportunity to meet and discuss IMBA trail basics with our BMORC reps who have attended a number of IMBA Australia workshops and seminars, as well as contributing to what I hope is the first of many collaborative activities with NPWS rangers in the Blue Mountains and surrounds.

Once again apologies for the short notice, please if you are able to attend confirm your interest to me directly via return email prior to Thursday 26 May 2011, or feel free to call and discuss.

With thanks
0404 885 896

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Thanks all for the quick responses.

No problems if you can't make this one ... sorry again for the short notice.

There maybe one more spot, PM me if your keen, as having a few extra maybe ok.

Thanks again people ... great response at short notice

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Just a last update before the day.

Please meet at the NP Gates @ Glenbrook just prior to 9am so we can sign in, maybe get a bit of a safety talk and then car pool it up.

We'll likely drop groups of workers off every few hundred meters or so then work our way up the track..

We likely won't be digging, however, if its easy for you to bring a rake hoe or long handled shovel then bring it along just in case.

For any emergencies or last minute changes in plan, please call or SMS me 0404 885 896.

We have a couple of extras coming so no stress if things change ... family and work first.

Thanks again to all the vollies and keep an eye out for more of these in the near future (fingers crossed the Downhillers get a chance soon at Knapsack)


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Thanks to all the volunteers that attended our first Parks trail care day, some at short notice.

Big up to:
Andy, Lee, Todd, Ian, Paul, Wes, Michael, Tim, Ben, Brian, Jeff, David and Tina

Big thanks to Tina and Michael for organising it all and looking forward to the next one.

Some lessons learn for me.
i) We should bring some BMORC flyers, so that we can give it to all the riders that we came across.
ii) We prolly all should start together do a bit of a demo first, and then split off into groups.

Lastly, I need to ride that Sniggle more often, actually some berms in there hidden under all regrowth Smiling.

I also noticed that the beginning section which was specifically redesign some years ago for MTB was in pretty good condition (except for one puddle) compared to the other sections with all the straight lines suffering substantially more erosion and with sediments dumped further down the track.

There was definitely scope for a little bit of narrowing and also some gradual, but more frequent turning of the track.

I didn't even get to the worst bits

Anyway, great day.

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