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Warringah Council MTB Survey

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 30 June 2011

Please take time to complete the survey. This highlights the demand for facilities, much like skate parks, golf courses, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts to name a few facilities. Demand for recreational and sporting facilities for MTB are currently un-met nationally let alone within the Blue Mountains City Council LGA.

Those opposed to MTB access have questioned how many trails do riders want. The more important observation is that un-met demand leads to unapproved trail construction, so the number of trails needs to meet the level of demand if we are to eliminate unapproved trails.

Similarly, the un-met demand is an opportunity for clever councils to take advantage of income opportunities through increased tourism.

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Fantastic survey, wish they had room for comments on each question.

Would be a great assit if the BMCC and/or BMORC done a simialar survey!

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