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Council to vote on Knapsack Reserve Bike Plan

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 08 March 2012

The long awaited council vote is less than a week away.
This will be the fate of the Knapsack Reserve Bike plan. (Cross Country and Downhill)

For more information on the Council meeting and Bike plan, the council Business paper can be downloaded from here. Refer to Item 9 (Page 78)
Click here for date and time information

Summary: The decision by SEWPaC that the Downhill and Cross Country Tracks Proposal for Knapsack Reserve does not constitute a controlled action means that the Commonwealth believes that significant impacts on the listed threatened species and communities will not occur.

Council is now in a position to approve the Knapsack MTB Plan and the Staged Implementation Plan set out in the business paper.

How can you help?
We are encouraging supporters of the Bike plan to attend this upcoming council meeting. In order to stand out we ask you to wear a blue shirt.

Direction to Council Office can be found here.

Can't attend? you can still help!
We want the council to know that Mountain Bikers support this plan and thank them for their efforts. In your own words Keep it short & Sweet. You can even let them know that you cant wait to volunteer ;)


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All the research, data, independant assessments, opposing views have all been voiced and assessed... the time is now for the councillors to vote.

So at the end of this meeting the trail plan for a DH track and XC at Knapsack will either be approved to go ahead or else it will become a failed attempt.

Personally I am optimistic this will go through but we still need support.

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