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Smile for the camera

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By Kingy - Posted on 15 March 2012

Hi Team,

Blue Mountains Gazette is scheduling a photo shoot follow up article on the Knapsack DH approval tonight (Thursday 15/3/12) at 6:30PM.
I would like to invite anyone that is interested to attend the photoshoot to present at the carpark at the base of the Mitchells pass and the Great Western Highway or "the shuttle pick up" as I imagine it will become known in the future Smiling
A few Bikes for the shot would be good, I will be on my Trance, and yes I will be wearing Lycra lol

See you there!

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Sorry mate - workin' for the man tonight!

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Yeah I have to be at home tonight at that time...

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Hey Kingy did you throw on the dirt for extra photo effect?

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