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By ChopStiR - Posted on 13 March 2012

Knapsack has been passed by council 6 votes for, 3 against.

Group photo.

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Yep it was passed! Finally past this stage, now comes the tricky stage of getting things happening... at least that will be a lot more fun than this political stuff which I think probably left quite a few people a little cold (sadly I think I quite enjoy it Smiling )

So a really big thank you to everyone who turned up at this and other meetings; the people who wrote to councillors and who kept the word out on the trails themselves. Also to all the riders who did the self policing and have behaved so well over the last two years with only a vague goal to keep everyone interested.

A big thanks goes to the councillors who voted for the recommendations and believed enough in us to trust us with this project. Especially Clr Greenhill, Clr Creed and Clr Luchetti who have been long running supporters of this project, but also Clr McLaren, Clr Van der Kley and Clr Clark for supporting the project as well.

The BMCC staff have also put in a lot of effort on all the requests for reports and the like and we hope to continue having a solid working relationship with them.

So the next time we will be putting the word out for people to do something it will be for physical action rather than just typing at the keyboard.

Ok the music is starting so I better go now.... oh and thanks to Wes for a lift home!

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Congrats advocates Smiling

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Fantastic result! Let the shoveling begin.

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Great night last night!
Couple of observations:..Watching Mark/Moggio speak, it was a great speech, the reason i know, even the little old ladies in front of me stopped and listened, then scribbled furiously after it was over, Mark, you spoke eloquently, and with feeling, it really did cut through! really did deserve this win!
Mr Garlands speech, it was a little confusing and it was extremely hard to listen to, even in reply to mcallums questioning it sounded bumbling and confused, i think it did more bad than good!
Watching councillors Creed and Greenhill speaking out for us, Clr.Creed talked with passion and right to us, whereas Clr.Greenhill spoke with urgency and smoldering anger, i would have voted with him no matter what i was voting for he was that convincing!
Then a celebratory ale at the Gearins, that beer sure tasted sweet, and i dont even drink beer!

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Brilliant result. Big thanks to all involved.

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Nice. Well done guys.

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It was a long road and a greeat win. Well done all, particulary those guys that have done the hard yards ( You know who you are !)

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Its listed in the Gazette.

We already have one comment from the legendary Michael Vandeman who is an internationally know anti-mtb "lobbyist" who I don't think even the opposing views in this process would agree with. Check out his website for more context. So don't bother replying to his comment its a waste of time.

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It's good to put a face to the name. Shocking!

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We've gone full circle from being called "Vandals with Search Engines" to getting a vote of support from Clr Clark. For me this is a major personal victory and I thank Clr Clark for fully considering the information laid before him and voting on the facts.

The Commonwealth has now supported that DH and MTB does not have significant impact on EEC (Critically Endangered EEC as highlighted by Clr Mays and Gibbs and the Conservation Society).

There are no liability issues with public access for MTB including DH on public lands.

Volunteer labour as part of trail care, construction, bush rehab and other associated activities is sufficient as part of user pays concepts and will form part of any "payment in kind" contributions for funding purposes.

A great outcome especially after 2.5years ...

The only sad part is that Soren M wasn't here to see all his hard work validated.

Looking forward to next steps Smiling

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Heck I am look forward to the the rehab bit, its always satisfying seeing stuff return over the years.

I run into Soren every so often up here, so I will pass on our kind regards to him as well.

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The Blue Mountains Conservation Society (BMCS), with all there conservation and environmental subject matter experts, support Old Bathurst Road over Knapsack Reserve as a DH venue.

They also have supported XC as having an insignificant impact, which is why they have only opposed the NEW more sustainable DH alignment at Knapsack.

As we have all learnt as part of our engagement with Yellowmundee NPWS Rangers specifically at the Plant ID workshop, that to the north of Knapsack on the escarpment at Yellowmundee, the Sydney Turpentine Ironbark and Shale Transition forests ... the two Critically endangered EEC identified in Knapsack, are both prevalent or at least have been identified as present.

Further as part of our engagement with Glenbrook NPWS Rangers, we have seen that Turpentine Ironbark Forests are also to be found at places like the Oaks single track and surrounding areas.

And finally as part of our discussions with BMCC staff we have learnt that the Turpentine Ironbark and likely the Shale Transition forests are more widely spread then previously mapped.

So, although I'm not a Botanist or subject matter expert like those found within the BMCS, it would be logical if not factual that the two Critically Endangered Communities listed at Knapsack where also present at Old Bathurst Road.

So the BMCS support both XC in all locations and DH at Old Bathurst Road. Both of which pass right through the middle of Critically Endangered Ecological Communities as identified at Knapsack Reserve.

Boy ... thats a big one and not too far of a stretch.

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Nicely put.

An interesting picture of illogical idealogy emerges now that you have joined all the dots.

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