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2014 BMORC Bash

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By hathill - Posted on 31 January 2014

Sunday, 9 March, 2014 - 08:28

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

10 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenbrook station carpark.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

They said we'd never make it but, here it is! The 4th running of the BMORC bash is on. It's a world cup round so get ready to ride.

I know with the new BMCC clean-up arrangements it'll be a challenge to find a steed worthy of your shiny butt so get looking.

Remember - guidelines are:

1) Bike not to be worth more than $200 new or needs to be over ten years old.
2) No disc brakes.
3) You have to carry it out with you even if it is stuffed.
4) All stacks are your own fault for riding such a heap of S*&t
5) No clip-less pedals (unless the bike came with them originally)
6) Must be prepared to have an embarrassing photo taken.
7) Full rigid preferred - bring your penny farthing.
Cool If anyone brings a go-pro, you must prove you're a hero at a location of the rest of the crew's choosing.
9) Anyone riding a 1995 chromo GT Talera automatically wins.
10) Anyone from Glenbrook on a rigid Stumpjumper automatically loses.

Of course these are only guidelines and are open to interpretation.

Glenbrook for the 8:28 train or meet at the trailhead at Woodford around 9:00am

Who's in?
Chuck, stephen, Muninjitsu, Username2, jerrys_bus, trickydavo (6 riders)
Chuck stephen Muninjitsu Username2 jerrys_bus trickydavo
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Dutchy74's picture

Sorry guys, Can't make this one as I'll be heading off to Canberra / Adelaide for work on this day. The yellow SS was itching to get back on the trails too.

Have a good ride.


Muninjitsu's picture

Well stokes and I are going to break all the rules, its a bit hard to find an old clanker tandem! You can view us as support crew.

Username2's picture

Let the banter begin...

Char: How does the Tandem go fitting on the train?

I think the rules should be revised to $100 personally.

I've found a Mongoose Sycamore for this years ride, I plan on doing any pre-ride tuning about 400M down the Oaks when I get my first flat.

Should be an eventful day all things turning pear shaped like we expect.

stephen's picture

Rory Aldi bikes are about $130. Personally I would love to see a Crane dually grace the Oaks including the tech single track and then ride from the causeway to Jellybean downstream..

hathill's picture

I've had the pleasure of riding with someone on a Crane Dually both up and down Bee's Nest and twice around Shaw's/Bluegum. You didn't need to "see" it as such as it was quite an asault on your sense of hearing. The bike was nicknamed "Old Squeaky" after that.

Muninjitsu's picture

The tandem doesnt go on the train, our penalty will be payed as we ride up to Woodford.

Chuck's picture
10) Anyone from Glenbrook on a rigid Stumpjumper automatically loses.

Hahahaha! I'd like to see someone prove what make/model the bike is. Smiling

It will be interesting to see if that goose on the GT Talera turns up again this year.

trickydavo's picture

I have noticed that there is a steel framed tRusty 12spd at the end of Rickard rd warrimoo and another bike of unknown spec on carramar cresent winmalee. Get in quick before council collects.

Chuck's picture

Good to see you have embraced the true sprite of the Bash ride Trickydavo. Smiling

trickydavo's picture

fully embraced chuck, my purple steel framed girls bike with spokie dokies was recently sourced from the kerb and is currently undergoing trials to ensure it is ready for the big day.

sippffo's picture

Hi All,

Thought this would make a few of you laugh as I found this bike,(Not Literally)its quite a unique brand to say the least, and would probably live up to its name.
There was earlier talk about prizes for something different, check it out.

Chuck's picture

Well yes, that's interesting enough for the bash and it would more than likely get a good number of comments during the ride. But that bike might be a fair bit safer than some of the old recycled bikes that will attend.

Might be a good time to reminded everyone to read the disclaimer too.

ChopStiR's picture

Argg bugger! Just realised It's on a clashing date and will have to drop out. Sad

Chuck's picture

Word on the street is that Hathill has been out on various secret high altitude training sessions. Rumors of him wanting to break the four hour record this year seem to be true going by this latest information.

stephen's picture

Suit yourself but the rest of us are real men and will ride in the rain...

Chuck's picture

From what I understand, the guy on the 1995 chromo GT Talera could be man enough to ride in the rain, but I have heard from good sources that he won't ride his precious bike if it's wet. I guess spending three weeks cleaning and servicing your bash bike prior to the ride day has that effect. Smiling

hathill's picture

And so the trash talk begins........

Username2's picture

The Mongoose Sycamore I found on the side of the road will have any pre-ride checks performed on the day, most likely mid ride. The Period brakes will most likely be tested on the first hill and the Period tyre & tube combo will be lucky to make it 400M.

Will there be awards for the first flat etc (maybe this will cause too much competition)? or perhaps a Golden Sprocket for each rider to complete the ride?

hathill's picture

Ask Stephen about golden sprockets, he's an expert.

trim's picture

Can't make it this year, so the mighty huffy will have to stay in its glass cabinet!

Enjoy the ride guys and I hope to see a detailed summary of the destruction of man and machine!

hathill's picture

Damn, we'll have to try to set a new flat tyre record without you.

trim's picture

Sounds like Rory has a plan...

trickydavo's picture

So i have found a 2nd contender to enter the bash, i have given up the old pink apollo for a newer but crappier huffy that my sister gave me. By the way, i am bringing my mate along for the ride so it will be +1

Chuck's picture

You might win a World Cup if you have to carry that Huffy out. I unfortunately rode a Huffy on the Northern Beaches at Christmas and I was almost carried out. Scary to ride are those bikes.

Hopefully I won't be making last minute pre-ride repairs this year.

Anyone is welcome on this ride, even if you don't have an old bike and just want to cruise down the Oaks with us.

Disassembled's picture

I'll be there, unfortunately the crappest bike I have that has a drivetrain is the trance, so i'll be on the trance. Otherwise i'll be pushing a frame with wheels, no brakes and no drivetrain. I also have a unicycle, but can't ride it.

Edit, I'll bring the reign. Single ring and about 87,000kg and 1% pedalling efficiency.

hathill's picture

Apologies everyone, you'll be missing out on seeing the beauty of the 1995 GT this year as I am out.
Enjoy the day.

Muninjitsu's picture

We will ride up the dirt. See you at rhe top or the way down.

Chuck's picture

See you out there Char.

Thanks Mr Hathill.

Muninjitsu's picture

Great day for a bash, bit disappointing there were no flats or mechs, we did seize our free wheel on the way up which didn't count though. Thanks all for a great morning.

Chuck's picture

Another great day to be out riding in the mountains. Good to meet a few new faces and catch up with some of the regulars too.

Here's a couple notes from today.

- The guy on the 1995 chromo GT Talera didn't bother turning up, so he loses by default.

- Rory's plan never eventuated. I guess he did do that pre-ride check of the Mongoose Sycamore and realised you'd be crazy to ride a bike in that condition down the Oaks. Anther theory is he just forgot about the ride totally.

- Dave turned up at Glenbrook station with a Huffy, my first comment was "Did you read the disclaimer on the website?". During the ride we all agreed that the Huffy was a little to futuristic for the Bash ride and we feel that he deliberately set that cable on the rear v-brake short to scratch his leg and to blatantly grab attention on the ride.

- Brendan turned up on a Giant ATX and was in there with a good chance to win as his rear brake calipers were rubbing on the tyre. But he attempted to fixed the bike on more than one occasion, he shouldn't have touch the bike and could have potentially been the overall winner when his tyre blow out on Dead mans corner. Plus that tube patch on the outside of the tyre was woeful. He should have used duct tape.

- Chris turned up on his Mongoose Switchback again. This bike looked like it hadn't been touch since he last rode the 2012 Bash. In fact, I'm not sure it's been serviced in a number of years. This behaviour could certainly lead to you becoming a future outright contender.

- Stephen once again rode his Proflex after missing the 2103 Bash due to race commitments. This bike has been a classic outright contender in the past, like how do you get six(6) flats on one slowish 26 km ride? This was the second time for this bike to make and appearance, unfortunately it let the team down and made the entire journey in one piece and without a single pinch flat. 85 psi seems to be enough pressure with 32mm CX tyres to ride the Oaks.

- Chuck rode a different bike again this year, this is the third bike he has ridden out of the four Bash rides that have taken place. The bike was some generic no brand bike that was purchased off eBay, it looked nothing like a 1993 Specialized Stumpjumper. The bike and rider showed how with practice, you can ride a fully ridged bike on the Oaks single track faster than the average weekend punter and not have aching hands/arms at the end.

Unfortunately the Organisers went belly on the eave of the ride this year. As a result, no official judges attended and therefore no one will be awarded any of the major prizes.

Since no official photographer was hire buy the the now defunct Organisers, we have a lack of photos this year. So here's a few extra links to assist the gallery.

Chris & his Mongoose Switchback

Stephen & his Proflex

Thanks to all the support crew and pace setters too. Ian, Stephen, Char and Michael.

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