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Knapsack Rip and Brush + BBQ and Ride

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By moggio - Posted on 14 December 2014

Just a heads up reminder about this day which is listed in the Calender.

A bit of brush matting and some BBQ action.. primarily a social thing.

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Thanks to everyone that came and helped!

Also a big thanks to Trish for providing the food and for all her help and support this year.

Another big thanks to Adrian and Synergy for the BBQ itself, but of course all their efforts and work this year.

Looking forward to more work next year. Hopefully sometime in February after the Xmas season is over.

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So I did a lap on Tuesday morning and found that someone had gone to great deal of trouble to remove ALL of the brush matting on one of the trails. Don't know it's name, but it was the one which was a contentious (sp?) closure as it was supposed to stay open by Synergy said it wasn't sustainable (I think). They went to the trouble of ripping some of it with the machine.

Well it's been reopened.

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Why are people so impatient, this is very annoying. There is plans to do a reroute here building sweet new trail. Our time will now be wasted reinstating the brush matting instead of building new track Sad

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