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Back In The Saddle - Andersons + Oaks (One Way)

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By hathill - Posted on 21 September 2010

Saturday, 9 October, 2010 - 07:40

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Meet at Glenbrook Train Station to catch the train up to Wentworth Falls. (I'll meet you all at the station 'cause I live at Wentworth Falls)

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Back in the saddle ride after messy divorce with my gallbladder!
Train leaves Glenbrook at 6:53am arriving 7:40am at Wenty Falls. Ride from there to Woodford via Andersons Fire Trail and depending on how keen everyone is, continue down to Glenbrook via the Oaks and single track or bail out at Woodford.

Who's in?
Andy Bloot, Steve C, Pedalgogy, Chuck, hathill, Ian_A, BM Epic, J the B, Dave_B, Tristania, joseph_tolomeo (11 riders)
Andy Bloot Steve C Pedalgogy Chuck hathill Ian_A BM Epic J the B Dave_B Tristania joseph_tolomeo
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J the B Andersons. Oaks. Someone pikes, someone chokes. Could not believe it. "Ando" Andy, the guy who lives less than 5 minutes from the meeting point, bailing out before his dainty foot even touched his bedroom floor. Drizzling, he called it. A bit icky. And to think that some of those Sydney blokes...

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Chuck's picture

As if you're going to bail at Woodford.

Might be wet that week-end.

hathill's picture

We'll have to keep an eye on that weather, otherwise it's ten km's back out via Ingar!

BM Epic's picture

Hopefully have the new bike by then, got my lights fixed, ended up being the charger!

hathill's picture

Good news on the lights, look forward to seeing the new wheels!

Andy Bloot's picture

I was just in BM and forgot to ask if you've got your bike yet Todd

I was thinking i might come along on this
But if you've got your new bike
I might die of envy

Or worse still
have a ride of it and decide i need a new bike

hathill's picture

Wondered where you'd got to Andy!
Every day I decide I need a new bike.

Andy Bloot's picture

to crescent head on the mid north coast
been going there for an eternity and it never changes much
well, the shacks get pulled down and replaced by snazzy new joints
But it's the same laid back feel of old anyway

13 degrees warmer than here
and lots of flowy single track 20 mins away in Kempsey

hathill's picture

I'm envious of your holiday and Todd's new bike!
Thankfully you seem to have brought some of that extra 13 degrees home with you Eye-wink
Might have to check out Crescent Head at some point.

BM Epic's picture

I should have the bike in 2 weeks, the pedals came in, now i need the bike, it's all paid for, just need to get it, lights are awesome now Giles, we should get a Grose Head night mission up soon!

The Brown Hornet's picture

I'll try get on this. It depends if Beth is working.

How good was the weather up north Andy! We've just got back from Byron Bay and it was tops.

Andy Bloot's picture

We jagged the weather JP
Shorts and thongs and lying on the beach and swimming every day
Byron would have been a few degrees warmer again

I was so paranoid of sunburn I lathered up to within an inch of my life
No sun could penetrate it
So I came back almost as milky as when I left

i was in BM yesterday Todd
You'll get one of the first evo's in the country
i couldn't look at the bikes in there- too nice = $$$$

BTW, there's a sweet, brand new Pivot mach 4 (frame only)
in black with red anodised bits for sale (it was hanging up in the workshop so I couldn't miss it)
Bit racy for me, but it's their last Pivot for anyone interested
Can't remember the price, but bloody good price for a boutique bike
Could build it up into a thing of envy

BM Epic's picture

That pivot frame looks good doesn't it, i think it still comes in at 3000 grand though, they are very expensive, my evo is costing me 4100 with xtr pedals, happy with that i can tell you!
Cant wait for this ride, always loved this one, especially the downhill down to bedford creek, no craziness this time!

hathill's picture

Todd, Must have a look at that Pivot now! Good news on the lights, yup GHS at night is good, especially if we can sort it for a full moon and do a bit of "stealth mode"!
They should call it Anderson's Superhighway at the moment, great fun on the water bars down to the creek. Still hate that first climb to the gate...............legs and lungs will be screaming I'm sure.

Tristania's picture

Stating at the station before Glenbrook, Lapstone, will enable us to know who's in the group, since there will be numerous other cyclists in Glenbrook boarding the same train. Lapstone is also lower than Glenbrook, so it will give an extra 60 vertical metres of downhill at the end Smiling

BM Epic's picture

Nah i will be meeting hathill at wenty falls at 7.40am to get started, also meeting the other fellow wentyite, mr bloot!

Chuck's picture

I'll be at Glenbrook.

hathill's picture

Bit pressed for time that day, need the early start plus the weather is usually better in the morning and deteriorates as the day progresses so better to kick off early.

J the B's picture

Man, it's been years since I've done Andersons. The last time was with crappy lights, at night, in winter, in the rain, so I'm expecting it to be a slightly different experience this time around. And it's been even longer since I've done the double, so I'm looking forward it.

I'll meet you guys in Wenty. Where are you all meeting up?

Tristania's picture


Yeah, that's cool, I understand why we need the early train. I'll set my alarm for 5:00 then Smiling

Provided I can make it, I look forward to a great ride.

BM Epic's picture

Meet in the station carpark is the usual spot, That night ride would have been pretty nasty in the rain Jim....this should be nice and pleasant!

Tristania's picture

Where in the station carpark? How bout next to the charity bins, just in case there are many riders there that day.

ChopStiR's picture

A good meeting spot is the picnic table next to the toilets. I'm a maybe for this ride.

hathill's picture

I was thinking the plan would be;-

1) Meet at Wenty station - picnic table next to the dunnys sounds good.
1a) Either Drool over Todd's bike or listen to Todd cursing the wharfie's who haven't unloaded his bike yet.
2) Dodge the GWH roadworks by using Dalrymple Avenue and regroup at QVH after the 300 metre bitumen downhill championship)
3) Regroup at the Ando's turnoff.
4) Regroup at the Sandpit ( You can hit that with some speed now, lots of fun)
5) Regroup at the Queen Vic Creek (The first one so we can all watch the log of death action!)
6) Regroup at the first gate, check heart rate and defibrillator equipment.
7) Regroup at Oaks trail head - hope the tap is working.(Any BMORC plumbers who could throw a new one on?)
8)Usual stops on the way down the oaks - depending on fitness/pace of riders
ie BMX track, Circles, Redwire, Helipad, start of single track, car park, pie shop, lapo hotel etc.

Any other ideas?

Tristania's picture

Looks good - well worth rising at 5am for!

Just hope we don't get any mechanicals between us - last time I did this ride, my group got 3 flatties and two broken chains!

And hoping we get good weather, and that the train isn't delayed!

BM Epic's picture

I'm liking the cut of your jib Giles, the defib after bedford sounds right!..hehehe, Not confident about the bike being here, it's a slim maybe!..Tristan said he was confident, this should be a fun social roll, cant wait!

Pedalgogy's picture

I have no face ahhhhh!
I will be at the station at Glenbrook.

cambo's picture

Hi Tristan, Wade here. I did the ride with you around Nth Turramurra a couple of weeks ago. If you can get to Cherrybrook I can give you a lift up and back. I have ridden with Chuck before as well so will have no problems meeting up with the right people at Glenbrook. Send me a PM if you want to take me up on the offer so we can organise details. Otherwise I'll see you up there

JohnG's picture


I live on the Nth Beaches and was hoping to get a lift with someone to this ride.


Tristania's picture

Thanks for the offer, though Mum's spending the morning up in the Mountains, so I should be fine. I'll see you there though Saturday (after a very early start)

J the B's picture

it's gonna be a balmy 19 degrees:

Giles & Andy: are you catching the train back up the hill afterward? If not, how are you getting home?

Ian_A's picture

I'm very keen for this one boys.

I've never done Ando's and the longest ride I've done is an Oaks up and back (which I'm guessing is fairly similar) so hopefully the legs will hold out; been riding a fair bit over the last couple of months though so I'm pretty confident.

See everyone at Wenty or on the train.

Hopefully the weather holds out.......

Chuck's picture

It should be a great day and Giles will deliver on the weather! Eye-wink

You'll love it Ian, it was my first big ride and it was great.

hathill's picture

Thanks Michael, now everyone knows who to blame when it rains Sticking out tongue
Ian, it is a great ride - the key is don't kill yourself climbing out of Bedford creek so you have some left for the Oaks.
Might have a good chance of seeing a lyrebird or two.
Distance wise it's pretty much the same as Oaks up and back give or take 4 or 5 k's.
Make sure your brakes are working well too for the run down to Queen Vic Creek.........Don't want to have to call up the Careflight Heli for this one.

hathill's picture

Yeah - catching the train back up to Wenty afterward , will have to squeeze on with the afternoon Oaks riders. Not sure what Mr Bloot is doing though.

Tristania's picture

In bed early tonight for a hopefully well worth 5am start.

Andy Bloot's picture

Haven't been on the bike in 2 weeks
So I may catch the train down to Glenbrook as well

The Brown Hornet's picture

I'm outski as I'm watching the grrrls 'cos Beth is working. Make sure you say hi to her at the customer box at the entrance to the Glenbrook NP when you're crawling out!

Have a great day guys.

hathill's picture

Foggy up here but not raining right now - we will get a bit wet from the heavy mist but hopefully should lighten up by the time we hit the Andos turnoff.

Andy Bloot's picture

i may pull the pin on this one
i'm thinking of scribblies this arvo if it clears
see how i feel after breckie

Andy Bloot's picture

Not one of my fave rides but would have liked to see the crew
But this gold was 'penned' in my slackness
As part of 'bag the Bloot' day

Courtesy of Jim et al

We're all here, 'cept Andy Dier
Cream-puff of the Falls
Mr Bloot, the lazy coot,
Shows he's got no balls

Glad there was value to be had from my no-show
Michelle has been calling me 'cream-puff of the falls' all morning
And I've had this poem going through my head as well

Chuck's picture

You total cream-puff Bloot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a good ride with plenty of action and just a little drizzle at the start. Jim was on fire with rhymes too.

I'll post a few pictures later. Giles, make sure you do a ride report and note Andy was missing.

The Brown Hornet's picture

Only one ambo ride today- broken collarbone. Obviously none of you guys. Well done.

If I have to play cubby houses one more time...

Tristania's picture

I quite enjoyed the majority of the ride. Hope the rest of you guys went all right once we sort of split up.

BM Epic's picture

Thanks to Jim for helping fix up my cut, then helped with my puncture, then i started getting severe chainsuck!
I have fixed my cut( looked like it needed 24 stiches, but didnt get any? aid was fine).
Them bloody thorns that got my tyre( every time i go out with you guys lately it is puncture time!).
I have cured the chainsuck problem( high and low screws were out, this being fixed it is now spot on).
Good to see the boys today, except the sugarman Andy!
Michael climbing like contador, all the while having a chat whilst doing so, Ian looking the goods up and down everything, the reign will make things even better!..Jim destroying the downhills like the hillman, then destroying this illusion by trying a river crossing( very funny), Giles looking fitter than ever even if he had life threatening surgery 3 days ago, very brave effort from Giles, while on Giles, thanks for organising this ride mate!

Ian_A's picture

Loved the ride, even if we lost half the group - thanks for organising Giles.

I don't know how Chuck manages to gas bag while the rest of us are busting the lungs up them climbs.
I struggled a bit on the longer downhills trying to keep the front brake on and hang on to the bars, the doc said 4-6 weeks recovery so.......

Bikes had a clean, I've had a clean, and now I'm relaxing with a beer.

Will be a while yet on the Reign Todd, need to save up the cash - it takes a while but tax cheque may help things along a bit. In reality I'm thinking Aprilish next year.

Ill prob head out and find that single track during the week too Todd.



Chuck's picture

Ha ha ha. You make out like I can ride up hills.

I hit 56.8 km/h on the home run down from the Helipad, pitty the legs were gone from Andos. Went over 55 km/h a couple times.

Ian, let me know when you want to ride Knapsack, I'd be happy to do a Tour de Glenbrook.

Ian_A's picture

Ill find out when Dave has some time off (shift worker) and we'll organise something. Glenbrook is about halfway between Me and Dave so makes sense..........

Thanks Chuck.

BM Epic's picture

You will know it as i have left some tools behind there, they are hidden!
If you want we can head out next weekend or on friday night?
Reign will definitely help those downhills!
I got my new bike because of redundancy after 10 years service, new bike thanks!

Andy Bloot's picture

total creampuff (sugarman) - that's me

i thought you were going to take it easy Todd
Must have read that somewhere else

Ian_A's picture

Yeah Fri night or on the weekend wiould suit me. Ill send a PM later in the week. I have grown very fond of the night rides since that first GHS ride.

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