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Wylde MTB Trail update for 26 Feb

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By hawkeye - Posted on 26 February 2017

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Wylde MTB Trail
Amber/Some Issues

This morning was a bit of a mudfest. The bike doubled its weight in a lap. Not sure what my mate was thinking when he said it was "OK".

Barely rideable this morning, any additional rain today will turn it into an ice rink. I'm surprised its open.

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Must avoid after any rain! as it starts to dry out it becomes hero dirt before dust again.

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I saw that over the course of the last WSMTB 4hr I did out there.

A similar mudfest for the first lap, followed by the most amazing hero dirt I've ridden outside Rotorua when the sun came out followed by a return to ice-rink conditions on the last lap as it started to spit rain ever so lightly.

My workmate's friend said he'd done a lap and it was OK with just a few puddles, but I think he is, shall we say, something an optimist. lol

Until that text I was resigned to staying home and doing a session on the turbo trainer. It would have been far more productive as it turned out.

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