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BMORC BBQ at Bunnings starting to take shape

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The 15th of Jannuary is shaping up to be an exciting day for BMORC,
all the organisation for the day is falling into place.

A big thanks to Nick Bowman from IMBA Australia for chasing up the insurance to cover the volunteers on the day.

Pastoral Prime at Emu Plains for a good price on the 800 Sausages, we are cooking on the day.

The good people at Bunnings for supplying the gas, BBQ and shelter.

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Myrtle Rust located in the Blue Mountains

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As per my email to those on the list, Myrtle Rust has been identified in and around the Blue Mountains areas. BMORC have been advised by both the Blue Mountains Conservation Society and the Yellowmundee Rangers separately.

Vickii provided some information as per the attached pdf, which has also been provided to the Glenrock Trail Alliance guys.

"What is Myrtle Rust?

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Knapsack Fundraising Target $3000

Hi BMORCians that is the magic number we would like to raise for the signage at Knapsack, I am worried if we will get there as I have not been receiving any support from you yet?
I need some prizes and also some people to help on the day.
Please mark the ride calander and commit, other wise I will lay road spikes in your driveway,
and scour the web until I find nerdy pictures of you and then tag them to your face book profile!
But seriously, I need to know who is going to help me on the day so we can organise stuff!

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I urgently need people to help with the BMORC BBQ on the 15th of January!!

Please register your intent to help on the ride calander only have 8 so far:-(

We will be also running a raffle and we need prizes. So email me at cutanddice@gmail and I will send you the template!

Get on board, mountain biking needs you! Bring your wife and kids too. All slaves thankfully accepted!

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BMORC BBQ Fundraiser + Volunteer request

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Hi Guys,

I need prizes for the fundariser, not everyone on here has had the chance to contribute for one reason or another well thats all about to change, below is your secret weapon to assist us with our fundraising for Knapsack.

Cut and past this letter into word create a document edit your name in and away you go, you will need the BMORC letter head, send me an email request and i will organise the file to get to you I can be reached on

Once you have it in your hot little hand go out and get those prizes, we need lots!
Any questions?

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Congratulations to Jim Richter winner of the $100 Voucher from Blackman Bicycles for his councillor email

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Well Done Jim,

I was rapt to get your email, its exactly what we as a group are alooking for to thank councillors and allowthe people in the community to know that we are a legitimate group who are organised and cohesive and able to co-ordinate ourselves to acheive positive outcomes for the environment and the community.
Spend your money well, Nathan Spadaro is your contact at Blackmans, just present at the store and tell him your are there to redeem your voucher, he will assist you with your purchase

Many Thanks


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BMORC in the Gazette

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Cyclists preserve the reserve
Thursday, 18 November 2010
Posted By Paul King, East Blaxland.

Wind back the clock to the emotive atmosphere surrounding the closures of mountain bike tracks in the Lower Mountains, for a time it seemed like the future was bleak with no prospects for riders anywhere in sight.
Then something magical happened, riders realised that living and riding in the Blue Mountains comes with a responsibility that far outweighs any one individuals interest.

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So who is coming to the big Council meeting on the 14th Dec?

G'day not long till the big one, looking forward to seeing you all up there, hey if you can please mark your intention to come up by marking the ride calander would love to see all your faces up as intending to attend, fully understand if you can't make ur at the last minute but please mark the ride as attending do we can start getting excited about this huge event!
We shall enjoy a fine ale at the gearins after the meeting I reckon pizza would be goog too!

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"Downhill riders' Knapsack track plea" - Blue Mountain's Gazette

Downhill mountain bike riders say a potential route for a new track in Knapsack Reserve will not best serve the community or the environment.

They have asked the council to consider their proposal for an alternative alignment, even though it would make less use of existing trails than one identified during consultation.

Blue Mountains Off Road Cyclists (BMORC) representative Paul King said while the group’s proposal would involve establishing new corridors through bushland, it would produce a better outcome in the long term.

“Our experts [including the International Mountain Biking Association] have told us that the new alignment is the only way that you’re going to have sustainability,” said Mr King.

Exploration of options for a downhill facility began in March when the council closed informal tracks at Mount Riverview and along Old Bathurst Road after a community campaign against the damage being done to the eastern escarpment.

Riders have since been working with the council to develop a legal track, with Knapsack Reserve identified in July as the most suitable location.

Councillors recently commissioned a report examining the new alignment but asked that it be re-assessed using more up-to-date environmental mapping to ensure no endangered ecologies were threatened.

Mr King said the original alignment would require a great deal of work for what could be a negative outcome.

“If we . . . go in there under compromise, what’s going to invariably happen is . . . it’s going to become a highly erosive trail,” he said.

Aside from environmental factors, Mr King said BMORC’s proposed track would be more accessible less experienced riders and would accommodate cross country as well as downhill bikes.

In the event the council opts for the new alignment, Mr King said the group had offered to provide manpower to help regenerate the old walking tracks which he argued were in a degraded state.

The reports relating to the Knapsack Reserve downhill track will come before the council at the December 14 meeting.

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Blue Mountains Gazette interviews BMORC for update on Knapsack Reserve

Michael Cleggett one of the respected journalist from the Blue Mountains Gazette has been talking with us about the latest at Knapsack reserve it was an opportunity to give him an overview of the latest developments including the routing of the proposed downhill trail which is on the final stages of approval subject to the latest remapping of EEC and vegetation in the reserve.
As always we are very excited to work with the Gazette they always manage to get to the heart of the story, with time short between now and the next council meeting we welcome the exposure for our cause.


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Bunnings BMORC BBQ fundraiser

It's on well almost 15th Jannuary, we need to speak to the guys at Western Sydney as we need to be under someones currency coverage for insurance other than that we meet all the neccessary criteria community based not for profit all that

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Fiona Creed congratulates BMORC for effort in the Knapsack project

ThIs just in team,

Hi Paul

Can I just congratulate you and your fellow riders for showing such constraint and accepting the council ruling and not riding the other tracks, I trust this will be reflected in how the issues of Knapsack Park are dealt with in the near future which will see the riders have a much better area in which to ride that has the sanction of community and council alike..

Kind regards

Clr Fiona Creed

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Open letter to Blue Mountains Councillors

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Good Morning Councillors,

On behalf of the residents that make up BMORC we would like to extend our thanks for the opportunity to coloborate with yourselves and council staff regarding the downhill mountain bike tracks at Knapsack Reserve.
We have been offered great support from council staff and councillors in the complicated process to gain accreditation for the works, including the areas of a more complex nature specifically the routing of the downhill tracks which enable them to meet the stringent requirements that will make them sustainable.

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Deputy Mayor Mark Greenhill throws support behind new Downhill alignment

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Deputy Mayor Mark Greenhill has taken the moral high ground to provide much needed support to BMORC as we endeavour to gain an official endorsement for a new downhill alignment at Knapsack Reserve.
As residents are acutely aware Mark has a passionate attachment to the Eastern Escarpment and his regard for it's ongoing health and longevity is no more clearly evident than the motion he has raised that will be voted on at this weeks council meeting.

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Councillor Fiona Creed wishes BMORC well with Knapsack Downhill project

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Once again BMORC has been fortunate receive support from one of the Ward 4 Blue Mountains Councillors , Councillor Fiona Creed. Whilst unable to attend an 11th hour invite to view the new alignment for the downhill track at Knapsack, Councillor Creed made sure to get in touch and wish us good luck with the project. Given the missed opportunity due to the very short notice to see the positivity in the new alignment for the proposed downhill track, BMORC have extended a 2nd opportunity for the good councillor to attend the site and gain an on the ground appreciation.

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"Riding through the pain barrier"

Two Blue Mountains riders going great at the World Solo 24hr Mountain Bike Champs in Canberra!

"Lawson’s David Ludenia finished an impressive ninth in the elite men’s category while Woodford rider John Evans narrowly missed out on a medal when he came home fourth in the 45-49 age group."

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Fishing Competition - "Carp Fishing and Weeding the River" Yellomundee 14th Nov

Hosted by the Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare, Bass Fisherman and NSW NPWS.

Should be fun, especially if you hate carp and what they do to our rivers.

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BMCC Public Meeting - "Draft Mountain Bike Track Plan for Knapsack Reserve" - 18th Oct at Blaxland

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Very important meeting about Knapsack. We will need some numbers there for this one to show the support for the plan. I will put this up in the calendar as well.

"Council will present a draft track plan for mountain biking in Knapsack Reserve and provide an opportunity for discussion and feedback, prior to it being submitted to the Council for consideration. Interested individuals and stakeholder groups are welcome to attend. Further information can be obtained by contacting Matthew Chambers 4780-5694
Date: Monday 18 October 2010
Time: 7.45pm

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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Group- remaining dates for 2010

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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Group
Working Days 2010
Time : 10:00am

DATES: 10th October 2010

14th November 2010 (Fishing Comp)

12th December 2010 (xmas party)

Yellomundee Regional Park, Springwood Road Yarramundi
(turn left after Shaws Creek bridge)

Please bring a coffee mug, a bottle of water and a fold up chair.

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Blue Mountains Hazard Reductions this Weekend

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Hazard Reduction Notification

Good Afternoon

Please be advised that weather permitting the NSW Rural Fire Service, Blue Mountains District, along with NSW Fire Brigades and National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) are intending to undertake hazard reduction burning at the following locations from Saturday 2nd October – Sunday 3rd October 2010.

The locations and size of the hazard reductions are as follows:


· Date: Saturday 2nd October – Sunday 3rd October 2010

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IMPORTANT!!! Springwood Meeting with NPWS to Discuss Draft MTB Strategy Tues 5th October

A very important meeting to attend with the NPWS about trails in National Parks. We need a large number of people to call up and register.

Tuesday 5th October 6-8pm at the Springwood Country Club, Hawkesbury Rd Springwood.

Please RSVP to 4784 7300 or

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Community Meeting With NPSW to discuss the Draft MTB Strategy

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The NPWS are looking at organising a meeting on their discussion paper that was launched by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) on mountain biking in the state’s national parks and reserves. So from an email today from Melissa Giese.

"If there is sufficient interest, such a meeting would be held either at Blackhealth or Glenbrook, in late September or early October. You can register your interest in having a face to face discussion with NPWS on mountain biking by phoning (02) 4784 7300."

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